ABBHP Required Courses

To Meet This Requirement all applicants, except those who have received a waiver because they have been board certified in specialties recognized by ABBHP as meeting this requirement, are required to complete two courses in behavioral healthcare. The two courses, Behavioral Healthcare Entrepreneurship and Medical Psychology, are designed to provide applicants with the specialty knowledge that is required of a board certified behavioral healthcare practitioner.

When ABBHP receives a completed application, applicants will be directed to the instructions to access the courses. Applicants can receive continuing education credits for these course.

Waivers To The Course Requirements
Applicants who are board certified in Medical Psychology, Health Psychology or Neuropsychology or, who have training and current experience while employed in a healthcare setting, such as in a rehabilitation facility or other healthcare setting, may request a waiver for the required coursework. Said request will be evaluated on an individual basis and the decision of the board is final. However, any applicant who is granted a waiver for the coursework requirement, must still take and successfully pass either the Behavioral Healthcare Examination or the oral examination.